Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Selling My Cute Bunnies! :D

The Bunnies

When I am not flying around the grid and living the life of a fashion model, I like to go home to a quiet place and raise these cute little Ozimal bunnies.  I have been breeding them for awhile now and I got to a point where I had so many nests. I decided to open a farm to sell them. Ozimal bunnies are cute little pets you can feed and breed in Second Life. They have needs such as food water, sleep, attention. The food is something you must purchase from the ozimal main store but it isn't a huge expense. Standard food costs 99L for 1 bunny consumable for 1 month. There are special foods that include status boosts and allow for breeding for a few more lindens. 

The Nests :D

Your bunnies stats can be controlled by you and when they are happy in most areas, they can pass on the gift of life to a new baby bunny :) The new bunnies are housed in a nest which works sort of like an egg. Once you pick one up from my farm you can hatch your bunny. It takes one hour to hatch your new bunny and after that you can name and set your preferences for it. New bunnies are a real surprise since you wont know if it is male or female, and what kind of coat, color, eye, and ear type they will have. Some of these combinations are rare and some bunnies are considered elite. As you raise your bunny, you will see them eat, grow, dream while they sleep, and hop around in the area you set for them. You can also pick them up which increases their happiness. 

My Babiesssss

Ozimal bunnies do need food and water to stay alive but there is a generous hibernation system in place so that if you can't feed them, for awhile they will be hibernated up to 5 times before it becomes too much for their little bunny bodies. The bunnies do have a old age life span too of about 10-14 months. This is why some people take to breeding to keep the genetic line going. Some people even get inspired to start a farm like I did. So I'm inviting you all to take a look at my little dears and pick your faves :D

The Bunnies

Hope to seeing you all here soon! :)

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