Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sneak Peek! KessKreations & MoonShine Designs for Etheria: When Jewelers Dream

 KessKreations and Moonshine Designs collaboration pieces for Etheria

This dress is called Maia by Moonshine Designs. It's an inspired design which blends the solid white top and side skirts with the gold patterned attachment skirt for a look that is truly unique. The necklace that I am wearing compliments the dress perfectly. Shelly necklace by KessKreations feature a master scripted large gold chain and is adorned with charms to add a bit of good luck and beauty to your life. The pairing of these two items is no mere coincidence. Both designers have collaborated on this look to take part in an event called Etheria. I think both designers did a good job in their selections for this pairing as the colors and designs fit well together to create a look that transcends everyday life.

KessKreations and Moonshine Designs collaboration pieces for Etheria

Watch out for Etheria: When Jewelers Dream
 A Fashion Week of Fabulous Collaborations between Jewelers and Clothing Designers in the Second Life from June 13-20, 2010.

What I'm Wearing:
KessKreations Shelly necklace; Moonshine Designs Maia Dress; Stiletto Moody Bare Brigitte (ColorSet); [Uw.7R]  Hinata-Hair Gold ocean; DeeTaleZ Skin; Aska Shapes; Everglow Poses


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

oooh you look lovely! Thank you for your compliments. Shelly is so talented, that dress is the bomb.

I will send you LM in the next couple days. I have a packet I will be putting out once I put it together. :)

Aubrey Monday said...

thank you:)
i was wondering where the event will be held.. it will be an exciting fashion week i'm pretty sure many will look forward to it.