Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SL7B - The Temple of the Plywood Apple

SL7B - Temple of the Plywood Apple

"On the 20th of May 2007, the omnipotent Plywood Apple descended upon the grid. Dreams grew from the seeds of the plywood of apple, filling the grid with much beauty, their vivid sculpt maps brought impossible shapes into our eyes."

- The Birth of Sculpties in the Second Life by Istauri Arai -

SL7B - Temple of the Plywood Apple

Here we are at the Temple of the Plywood Apple. It is a creation for the SL7B event by Istauri Arai to honor the landmark event of sculpties coming to SL. The apple of course is the default prim used to display just how organic the shapes can get when you make sculpties.  I was really drawn to this display on my preview of the SL7B grounds and so I made it a point to come back to cover it. This time, I was able to bring Liam with me who told me he remembers the day he first got to work with the now famous apple. I like to joke with him that he is an old man in SL because he is older than the the birth of sculpties hehe. Anyway, you can see this swirling display of SL history at this Landmark. The next time you use a sculptie, remember the Apple :D

SL7B - Temple of the Plywood Apple

My Pink Windlight version! =)

Temple of the Plywood Apple

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