Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NEW! Releases by M2M & Adorkable Poses

NEW! Adorkable Spunky Poses

Yumi Chiuh, designer and owner of Minutes to Midnight [M2M] has lots of new releases to offer! Check out these cute Crazy Mix Outfits! Available in all clothing layers in different patterns, styles and prim attachments. I especially like the cute and colorful leg warmers. They're funky, crazy and cool!

[M2M]..::Crazy Mix Set - Outfit

[Above Photos: Crazy Mix Set - Outfits ]

[M2M]..::Polka Dress::..

There's also these Polka Dresses. They come in all clothing layers with optional leggings inclusive in each color. On photos, I wear the colors red, purple, pink and green.

[M2M]..::Polka Dress::..

[Above Photos: M2M Polka Dresses]

[M2M] Chloe Studded Ankle::..

Finally, check on these Chloe Studded Ankle shoes. Available in many colors. The shoes come with a customizable hud for easy resizing, skin and nail color changing. I'm wearing black and olive colors on my photos.
[M2M] Chloe Olive Studded Ankle::..

All poses used on the above photos are the recently released Adorkable Spunky Poses by Adorkable Peapod. I just love all her poses, they're all fun!

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