Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glitterati's Annual Sale


Yay! This is good news to all of us SL Posers... Glitterati is having an Annual 100L Sale. The Sale applies to a number of vendors in the Glitterati sim with the exception of new releases and collaboration items. Katey also is being very generous because apart from the previous gift cards sent out to its subscribers, you can also pick up this laptop loaded with 5 cute poses for FREE!


Hmmm.. (staring at my laptop and thinking what else to write lol.) Well, I'd probably use this more often in my blog posts since I love role playing the RL me behind the pc and typing on my keyboard :p This is definitely fun! I've also accumulated my gift cards and bought a few more poses which you'll probably see in my later blog posts. The sale will run for a month: from June 15th to July 15th 2010.


So that's one good news for today. But Ooopss! I'm still typing lol. Okay let me tell you about my LOTD. It's from a new designer (known to me) by Immerschoen Fashion. I'm wearing a cool pair of ripped jeans and a corset top barely showing my nips. They also introduced a number of tats like the kiss mark tat I have on. That being said, I think I like the jeans the most coz its kinda hippy.
Immerschoen Girl - Jeans Set 'Saarlouis' (DarkBlue)

LOL I'm so amused with these profile photo poses (also by Glitterati) coz I can so relate in these in RL. Just so you know, you can find me mostly in my room taking photos of myself from my cellphone XD...

Immerschoen Girl - Jeans Set 'Saarlouis' (DarkBlue)

And other times, you can find me sleeping over my pc :p
Have a good day Everyone!


Visit Glitterati and Immerschoen Fashion

What I'm Wearing:

Immerschoen Girl - Jeans Set 'Saarlouis' (DarkBlue); - .HoD. - Flush (w/Shadows) Silver piercings; :Fusion: Belted Bracelet [L]; :Fusion: Dagger and Skull Bracelet [R]; :Fusion: Dagger and Skull Necklace; Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure"; Sergg Eyes Black; Deetalez Skin; Maitreya Green II - Kala Jeera; *ByKay* ~ Sam ~ *Bare feet*

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