Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcomes Back BFF in SL..... It's been Awhile!


Yay! I'm so excited that my fashionable, loving, sweet and bestest bestfriend in SL came online today. I was actually a bit surprised coz I haven't seen him in awhile. For some of you who follows my blog, I would assume you already seen him featured many times in the past. Meet my BFF Jin, my bestfriend, SL Guardian, mentor, tutor, big bro... well he keeps me company. I'm thinking that just maybe if I didn't meet Liam, we would still be hanging around together and I would still be crushing on him lol. I bet to some people who knows us and will read this would think I'm cazy. But its really true, I got a huge crush on him! Yay!=) LOL anyway, I dedicate this post to my BFF Jin.


My BFF also has introduced me to a lot of fashion brands in the second life, as he is an old resident just like my sister Jeckie, but of course not as old as my partner Liam. Among the male avis I met in SL, I would say that Jin is best as he is good at fixing body prim attachments and accessories. I learned a lot of tips from him and we both enjoy this gesture he made.... "I am a primmy avatar, and I am proud of it!" XD


Anyway, welcome back to SL Jin.
Liam and I missed you!

Style Card of what Jin is wearing:
This is written by him. He has almost worn every brand names in his closet! =)

Hat from: KMADD (MADesigns)
Hair from: Uncle Web
(Hat and Hair has been edited to be fused together. You are unable to get the complete set glued on like this.)
Face Tattoo from  [iN] Rogue
Headphones by Lesley Hyde (Bought from Xstreet, I think)
Necklace from :SEY
Shoulder Puppet from: [*Art Dummy!]
Armlet by Wisp Jinn
Watch from: *chronokit*
Left wrist Bracelet by Hitomi Zimer (From Xstreet) FREEBIE!!
Right Wrist Bracelet from:  +ROZOREGALIA+
Leg warmers by Phoney Malaprop from XStreet
Sneakers from: UBU Pornstar
Arm Warmer from: Aitui
Belt and belt straps from +grasp+
(You will need to know how to edit to fuse them together. You are unable to get the complete set glued on like this.)
Bermuda Shorts from: +grasp+
Tanktop from: Aitui
BACK tattoo from: Tiki Tattoo (Fangatau)
ARM tattoo from: Egoisme by Ramses Meredith

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