Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NEW! Amacci Helen Skins

Amacci has recently introduced Helen. It's a smooth and healthy looking skin that fits well with my favorite shape and evokes my classic look from before I began wearing different skins. For this reason, I think I will be wearing it for awhile. I love the use of natural looking light and shadow to portray the skin in a realistic way. You can even make out the faint touches of veins around the neck and chest area which adds an almost photo realistic quality to your skin.

Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Rose Red) - 02 Pink - HB

Above: Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Rose Red) - 04 Blush - HB

Helen comes in 7 different skin tones and hairbases combined like pale tone in blonde hairbases and eyebrows; or fresh tone in blonde and/ or brown hairbases and eyebrows; Rose red in red hairbases and red eyebrows; nutmeg brown/ bronze and cocoa black. There are lots! You no longer have to worry about matching the color of your eyebrows with your hair.

Amacci Skins - Helen

Above from left to right: Amacci Skins - Helen Pale (Blonde HB); Helen Rose (Red HB); Helen (Bronze Black) - 02 Pink - Cleavage;  Helen (Cocoa Black) - 05 Red - HB

Helen also comes in 8 different makeups.  For each makeup, you get 4 more optional skins: one normal, one with breast enhanced cleavage, one with a hairbase and one with a hairbase plus cleavage.

Amacci Skins - Helen - Nutmeg (Brown HB)

Amacci Skins - Helen - Nutmeg (Brown HB)

Above: Amacci Skins - Helen - Nutmeg (Brown HB) in 8 different make ups.

Amacci Skins - Helen - Fresh (Blonde HB)

Amacci Skins - Helen - Fresh (Blonde HB)

Above: Amacci Skins Helen /Fresh (Blonde HB) in 8 different make ups.

If you want a sweet, healthy, goodlooking and touchable skin,
you can't go wrong with Amacci Helen.


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