Monday, June 14, 2010

LOTD: Bebe Doll Summery Romper

*Bebe Doll* Jasmina v2 - White

Today, I was checking out Cajsa's List In-World Photo Sites when Chloe drop me this cute summery romper named Jasmina. It's a simple design but its a great outfit esp for this summer. These rompers come in all layers with sculpty attachments for sleeves and shorts. On my photos, I wear blue and white but there are 9 other bright colors you can pick up at Bebe Doll. 

*Bebe Doll* Jasmina v2 - white/ Blue

Also, I want to thank again Cajsa Lilliehook for being so supportive, not only to me but to most of us bloggers. During my first few months in the blogging community, she was always of help. She would occassionally message for tips and she was also the first one to introduce me to most popular fashion feeds. Yesterday, she shared again with us a list of In-World photo sites. It's a great list because I really love taking photos in-world. Thank you so much Casja :)

*Bebe Doll* Jasmina v2 - White

What I'm Wearing:

*BD* Jasmina (White/ Blue) - NEW
Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (Wild Set)
Dark Mouse Daisy Diamonds Necklace - Copper
Dark Mouse Daisy Diamonds Earrings - Copper
Dark Mouse Wood Bracelets
=u.u= KaWai - Glasses Black
Tukinowaguma luna Chocolate

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