Friday, February 5, 2016

Dysfunctionality FLF, We Love RP & Group Gift Offers!

Dysfunctionality Moorside Docks
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)

Anke Hatchuk of Dysfunctionality Designs has a number of offerings for you that I'm pretty sure you will be happy about, the Moorside Docks and bridges. This would be a perfect addition for any of you RP sim owners out there. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye for non RP sims just trying to create a beautiful landscape in your home.

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[DDD] Moorside Docks (1LI) - set includes 4 pieces ranging from 4.4m to 8m in length with the "downward" ramp up or flat "extension" pieces. 50Ls for FLF @ Mainstore
[DDD] Moorside Bridge - Includes a short and long variants, all have norm/spec maps included. 4 LI / 8 LI respectively. Featured @ We Love Role-Play event until Feb 29th.
[DDD] Moorside Mini Dock - Store Group Gift L$0 to Join @ Main Store

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