Saturday, March 6, 2010

AF2010: Beauty Salon Cri-Cri


A talented Japanese designer named Cricri Core of Cri-Cri Beauty Salon gives us an amazing and all rounded menu driven hairstyles for the Accessory Fair 2010.


I am so mesmerized at these hairstyles. They are equipped with fun model poses, colors, accessories, styles and hot chic-ness for both men and women. Now what is better yet is that their shopping bag comes in the form of a fantastically sculpted shopping cart! With amazing animations packed into it, who could ask for more!

AF2010: Beaty Salon Cri-Cri

Very well detailed designs and it is made clear that the creator has a certain sense of humor. Quality hairstyles and accessories with a hint of whimsy. A perfect match! Meoooowwww XD!


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