Friday, March 19, 2010

|| NEW! Releases by KHUSH & I Love Olive ||

NEW! Releases by Khush & I Love Olive

Khush has just released Nicole Spring! This is the sexy halter top I'm wearing. Yay! I guess its time to bid Goodbye to winter XD.  There are 10 sweet and pastel colors available for Nicole. They also come in both solid and sheered layers. I love these comfy tops!

NEW! Releases by Khush & I Love Olive

The I Love Olive Hair brand also introduced another new stylish vintage hair named Doris. I'm super impressed by it! There are 6 colors available for Doris with a cute pin on one side. I kinda like the retro styles made by Yura & Prospie, the talented designers, especially the latest releases this year. You gotta visit their store and check out some of these awesome hair.

NEW! Releases by Khush & I Love Olive

KHUSH - Nicole Spring - NEW
KHUSH - Short Jeans - Dark
I Love Olive Hair - Doris - NEW
Bukka Watch

On Body:
Liz Pale natural2 lips by Fior di Perle
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax

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