Saturday, March 6, 2010

AF2010: Ticky-Tacky & Prim Optic

AF2010: Ticky-Tacky & Prim Optic!

Ticky Tacky, designed by Narita Rayna is an apologetically funny jewelry and accessory brand. You can tell it right away when you look at some of the names of her products. Among of my favorites are the "Attention Whore Bangles" which feature a blackened rings to go above the zebra print background. Most of her accessories are unique and features an ethnic designs. Each one has its own character that is what I like about them.

AF2010: Ticky-Tacky

Prim Optic offers a high style sunglasses that do quite a bit more than just to help you look nice. For the Accessory Fair, Nibb Tardis the talented designer of the brand has prepared multi-functional eye wears. Kitty, which has a retro look, Lady-G with her sexy square rimless look and Sabre, for the sophisticated traveler. As you can see from the photos, they look nice but they also help you in your journey's here in the grid. Prim Optic sunglasses are equipped with gadgets like flight assistance, so you can fly above what is normal in SL. You can also view if your friends are online or offline and use the built in sensor to see the names of people who are within 90 meters of you. The last and coolest feature in my opinion is that these sun glasses also record the last 12 places you've tped to, so you can always have access to go back. I really love how these items take the extra step to be useful. So much of what we buy in SL only makes us look good, it is even more valuable to have some function with our form.

AF2010: Prim Optic

Here's TAXI to the Accessory Fair to get at these awesome items.

Style Card:
AF2010 Ticky-Tacky Jewelry
AF2010 PrimOptic Eye Wear
AF2010 CriCri-Bon10-All Hairstyles
*BOOM* Verei Mini Skirt - NEW
*BOOM* Hope's Tank - NEW

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