Sunday, March 21, 2010

|| Slug Design & Shameless Bits ||


There's an awesome lover's dock by Shameless Bits! that is featured at the store's midnight mania board for 350 slaps. It has 2 cuddle poses, 1 slow dance and has also a single pose. Hubby and I loves to relax here esp when you live near a sea. TP HERE and lock down this lovely dock.

Dock Moments

On the photos, I also wear one of the blouses by Arscene Dubrovna of the SLug Brand. A new designer known to me, but I see that there's a lot of good stuff to look forward to on this designer. Available on his store now are sports jackets, casual blouses, tees and fun mouth wears like this straw I've been fondly chewing for the past few days XD. There's lots of color choices to choose from.


Slug design also offers accessories, 3D eyewears and Skyboxes. I met the designer a few minutes ago when I visited the shop, and hmm... he not only has an interesting Avi but also a gentleman with a generous heart :D I can tell because apart from the newly built shop, he also has some free grabs to offer. You have to visit the store to know what are they... there's a lot more, take a look at his awesome designs.


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