Friday, March 12, 2010

NEW! Releases by Glam Affair and I Love Olive

Glam Affair

 I've been in SL for nearly 1 year and even up to this day, it still surprises me every time I come across a new designer [known to me] or a store. For instance, I am mesmerized at how awesome Aida Ewing,  designer of the Glam Affair built her shop. She just launched her new Madlene outfit which comes in all clothing layers with a color changing prim belt. There are also other colors available like black, blue and violet.

NEW! Madlene Dress by Glam Affair

I love Olive also introduced a new glamorous hairstyle named "Starr" which I'm also wearing on these photos.  In Japan we call this Gacha style, a fashionable messy look. If you are aching to break out of the corporate cube farm and be a real person, this style is just one step you can take.

Glam Affair

Style Card/ Credits:
-Glam Affair- Madlene Outfit - NEW
Stiletto Moody Bare Mae (ColorSet) v1.24 - NEW
Kalnins Sunglasses - Butterfly VIP Edition v1.52
(Dahlinks) AF2010 Louise Brooks Ribbon Choker
I Love Olive Hair - Starr Dark Blonde - NEW


Biondina said...

beautiful dress,lovely colors
and nice mix with stiletto moody shoes!!..
one question that sofa is pretty cool and shinny may i ask who made it, or the landmark ty.. again for sharing this mix !!

Aubrey Monday said...

Thank you for your nice compliment Biondina =D I took the photos at the Glam Affair Main shop. They have a beautiful lounge area there and that golden sofa! I've no idea who made it but its loaded with so many nice poses hehe.. visit the store here..