Saturday, March 20, 2010

|| MiX! Limited FREE GRAB & Group Gifts ||

I'd been receiving notices from the Sway Land group for the past days about closing the sim soon. Sway Dench have asked all tenants to recover their items.... I am representing Shiki and carelessly thought that Shinichi must have received the information until one day, I got a notice again that I had been ejected from the group XD. So I checked on the place and wondered why... I didn't really know that Sway has moved and guess what, the new sim is even way better. The cutie bears in her shop are all still doing well, even getting prettier each day XD. They're sooo Cute! Hubby's not online yet so I drag BFF instead to the new sim and we got these awesome gifts by Sway and her tenants.

Shiki Designs/ Sway/ Zacca
I'm wearing:
Shiki Designs Oriental Suit - March Group Gift Get HERE. 
[There's also a male version of this suit.]
Sway's Cookie Bear [on shoulder] - Subscribo Gift HERE
ZACCA Kuma-march -  FREE on Sway Land HERE

My BFF & ME :D
Sway's Cookie Bear in Cardboard Box - FREE

The Kaleidescope =)

After Sway, BFF left me because he was sleepy. So I wandered alone and found this beautiful place. Very pleasant and peaceful scenes... I actually found it by getting the LM of Zacca Main Shop, one of Sway's tenants. I'm glad I reached this place. There's a neighbor shop here named Clematis that gives out free gifts of nature. You gotta love these Umeboshi mini trees yummmm.


Clematis is designed and owned by a talented Japanese named iitomo Allen. She does excellent job on sculpty furnitures and landscapes.

 All Group Gifts by Clematis:
-CLEMATIS- Dwarf ume tree: Bonbai
-CLEMATIS- calathea corona plant - 6Prims
-CLEMATIS- chest of drawers - 8Prims

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