Sunday, March 7, 2010

NEW! Adorkably Fun Surf Boards

NEW! Adorkable Surfers

I am so excited to show you our latest adventure as a couple. Hubby and I are slacking off and having fun. He loves surfing and the latest releases by Adorkable Poses just made our day.

NEW! Adorkable Wave Riders

Adorkable poses introduced the male and female surfboards. The boards include 6 fun adjustable poses and 9 changeable textures.  You can look like you are riding waves or floating like a beach bum. It's great for profile photos or creating memories.

NEW! Adorkable Surfer Girl

NEW! Adorkable Wave Riders

NEW! Adorkable Surfers

Hubby and me were having so much fun in the water we decided to take a trip to Hawaii so we could use our surf boards more often.

NEW! Adorkable Surfers A-Huh!

Created by the humurous and talented Adorkable Peapod.

Adorkable Surfer Girl - NEW
Adorkable Wave Rider - NEW

I Wear:
DeeTaleZ Bath terrycloth sheet beige
Tukinowaguma Hair

Hubby Wears:
Relax Board shorts (tropical)
Teku-Teku Hair


Adorkable said...

Huge hugs to you! The pics are awesome and I'm so glad you guys had fun with them! <3

Aubrey Monday said...

thank you:-) you should make more poses you are good! =D