Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheap, Cheap Says Mango, Mango! =)

The Spring Bazaar brings you lots of ridiculously awesome cheapies. In this year, Sileny Noel, store owner of Mango Mango, has prepared 4 gorgeous skin sets for only L$50 each set. Apart from that, she too offers 2 dollabie hunt items containing 5 different skins that are split between the 2 hunt eggs. There are also other creators taking place in the hunt with eggs priced from 0 to L$1. Meanwhile, here are the items Mango, mango has prepared for this event.

!MM! Innocent Skins
[!MM! Innocent Skins: pale and tanned tone in both clear and freckled versions. Marked down for only L$50.]

!MM! Dreamsicle Skins
[!MM! Dreamsicle Skins in 3 skin tones: Dark, Pale and Tanned in both clear and freckled versions. All these marked down at a special price of L$50.]

!MM! Silent Skins
[!MM! Silent Skins in black and white tones, 2 of them in red lip shades.]

!MM! Skin Hunt items
[!MM! 5 different Skins settled in 2 Hunt Eggs as dollarbies.]

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Mango, Mango Main Store

Other Credits:
(vive9) Vintage Eyes - FREE
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax


Sileny said...

You look so lovely! Your shape is amazing :) Thank you for blogging!

Aubrey Monday said...

thank you :)