Tuesday, March 16, 2010

|| MiX! Limited FREE GRAB/ Group Gifts/ MMB ||

 My Baby Kenjie [Ozimals Updates]

My Baby Kenjie is now updated to Ozimals Bunnies v1.2 Woohoo! Plus, I was able to grab the FREE Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch, a limited gift for St Patrick Days.  It reduces the amount of food and water your bunnies need to eat while they are in the proximity of the Cabbage Patch. This item will only be available from Monday, March 15, 2010 until Friday, March 19th, 2010. So if you have cute Bunnies with you, hurry get them this FREE Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch. You can get them on the following locations: Bunny Cart to Ozimals | Carrot Trolley to Magic of Oz | Strawberry Wagon to Gypsy | Apple Train to Logomorph

And lately, I have been OFF TRACK a bit when it comes to Free Grabs and Group Gifts because I want to spend more time with hubby and our kids [2 couple cute pugs and Kenjie, the bunny hehe.] But thanks to my gorgeous blogger friends, Shayriel Teardrop and KawaiiNicole Piers, who always update their awesome blogs! I was able to grab some of the cute group gifts and updates so here goes... XD

BP Foot Bath
Hmmm I love this FOOT BATH! A Group Gift by BP* Update Group. Check on Notices.

 BP* Love Letter & SketchBooks
Also from the BP* Update Group Gifts are these cute Love Letter which says, "I Love You, I want to become your Boyfriend.." and a wearable green sketchbooks! Join this group and check on the Notices.

Phoenix Rising & Tiny Bird Free HairStyles
From the Second Style Island group, there is a limited free grab from Tiny Bird - 5 gorgeous Hairstyles, and a lovely dress by Phoenix Rising! Join the group and get them HERE.

:WhoNose: Flyable Clover Garden (animated) - 1L Limited Time
:WhoNose: Flyable Clover Garden (animated)
Look for a 4 Leaf Clover at :WhoNose: Main Store HERE
Hair is a group gift by Curious Kitties

OmNomHunt #13 - WhoNose
OmNomHunt #13 - :WhoNose: Butcher's Wife with Flyable Sausage [Look for a Yummy Cheeseburger at :WhoNose: Main Store HERE ]

::STB:: Rustic Chair
A Rustic Chair with 2 poses: 1 couple and 1 single pose. Hubby and I tried the cuddle pose. This is featured today on Midnight Mania Board by Shameless Bits. TP HERE

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