Sunday, March 7, 2010

AF2010: What more to look forward to?

AF2010: RezIpsa Loc

Rezlpsa Loc has several offerings for the GIA Accessory Fair 2010. In addition to sexy hair styles like Sarah, each style comes with a color changing accessory. Sarah has a flower, Margaret has headphones, and there is a mask for Anna's style.  Rezlpsa Loc's Relay for Life offerings are Anna RFL and Sarah RFL for 50L each. All sales from those two items will go to Relay for Life.

AF2010: RezIpsa Loc

[Glow] Studio has this Gold sun glasses and a pair of gold earrings for only 50L$ for the Accessory Fair.

AF2010: [Glow] Studio

I Wear:
[SG*] Happy Mania - White
*BOOM* Verei Mini Skirt - NEW

And for those of us who love to accessorize with flowers, Haunted Zuru  offers us beautiful head accessories and beaded piece necklace. There are a range of colors available like Plum, White Gold, Wine, and Ocean. Proper Lace Scarves are set as dollarbies in this fair.

AF2010: Haunted Zuru

I wear:
Accessories by Haunted Zuru
DeeTaleZ Dresses laced up red 

The Accessory Fair runs from March 6 to 27th. More gifts and numerous events will also be held during the 3 weeks. Schedules are as follows:
MARCH 7, Sunday - Accessory Fair 2010 Hunt Debuts
Visit the sim and find the AF2010 Hunt Bags!

MARCH 13, Saturday - 1 PM SLT to 3PM SLT: Accessory Show
Showcasing the best accessories on the grid

MARCH 14, Sunday - Accessory Fair 2010 Photo Contest Debuts
Theme "Be Adorned" - 10,000L$ in cash and gifts!

MARCH 20, Saturday - 1 PM SLT to 3PM SLT: Accessory Show II
Showcasing the best accessories on the grid

MARCH 27, Sunday - 1 PM SLT to 3PM SLT: Accessory Fair Closure Party
Contest: "The Gold Night" (best in gold)
Prize: 5,000L$ cash
Announcing the winners of the AF2010 Photo Contest

AF2010 ACCESS 1:

AF2010 ACCESS 2:

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