Sunday, March 28, 2010

VIVE9 フリービス

Look For 
this Bags... O.o

The Vive9 Store is closing soon due to some RL Issues. But the store owner, BluAbyss Denimore, is generously giving away 20+ freebie bags containing skins, shapes, eyes, clothing, and even accessories... some were previously unreleased items.


When I read about it in the feed last night, I TP'd and checked the store right away..=)) The lag was kuh-ree-zieee!!! But I guess I was too lucky to get "IN." I took a snap from a far... some residents were getting impatient... I saw many bald headed and there were others who already went naked just to bare with the lag situation XD.

More than 25 FREEBIE BAGS?! o.O

Anyway, there are a few I like in the freebie items. Particularly, I like the face of these 3 unreleased Manon skins. I also love love love the FREE vintage eyessssssss and tote bags!!! =) I was able to grab 26 freebie bags from the sim... and for someone to give away too many stuffs despite some RL problems is really one of a kind. Giving full credits to the owner and hopes you good as well.


Apart from the many freebie bags, all other skins are specially marked down for as low as L$400 and fat packs of L$1000. In this event, I remember the anniversary from Lelook Sim were its really very hard to move once you get in. So just try your luck! :D


I wear:
(vive9) Single Tank Burgundy Shirt - FREE
(vive9) Sig Jacket Burgundy Jacket - FREE
(vive9) Legal Attention [burgundy] Pants - FREE

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