Saturday, March 20, 2010

|| NEW! Hot Mood & Garage Accessories ||

NEW! Hot Mood Outfit & Garage Accessories

It's been quite awhile since I last wear something HOT... something that's way edgy, rough.. what else.. something that gives out a tough and sexy look... like my gorgeous friend Randi Leroy and her styles in her awesome blog XD.  Well, thanks to the newly released outfit by Hot Mood. They recently introduced this "Punk Lady" that comes in a sexy tank top, undershirt pasties, mini skirt and a belt. I also added Moloko Tribal Tats in shirt layer, since the tank top has a jacket layer :D

NEW! Hot Mood Outfit & Garage Accessories

Slava Parkin of GARAGE Shop also never runs out of brand new releases. Apart from her awesome Alexandra skin line, she also excels in sculpty accessories. More awesome sets of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that features beads as shown in my photos. They added a compliment to the outfit. They are also available in white color.

NEW! Hot Mood Outfit & Garage Accessories

So uhmm.. Am I HOT enough? My hubby just saw me and says I look delicious. Uhm no.. he actually spelled it this way.. "wow.. you look absolutely delisious." I must have over qualified the HOT category in this look for him to misspell the word, must have distracted him lol :P. I like this look for it's edgy bad girl nature. It's the kind that's perfect for the tattoo exhibitionist, role players, or someone just looking for a look a bit outside the mundane norms of society. I was a little surprised that hubby liked it too because he usually likes a more contemporary brand of style and sexuality. Anyway, I enjoy this outfit.  Check out the style card below for details.

NEW! Hot Mood Outfit & Garage Accessories

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Style Card/ Credits:
(Hot Mood) Punk Lady - NEW
MOLOKO Tribal Tattoo
MIEL Far Boots - Plaid

Accessories Used:
.:::GARAGE:::. Beads set (black) - NEW
.:::GARAGE:::. Lemon mouth - NEW
PrimOptic AF2010 Sabre Glasses - NEW
Luck Inc Finger Tapes w/ nails - Dollarbie

On Body:

::Tuli:: Eva (tone 6/br)
Shiki Shape by Jeckie Hax

=EkoEko= Slope hair (black)

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