Friday, November 6, 2009

New Releases from Shiki Designs

Shinichi Mathy, owner and designer of Shiki's fashionable clothing, has just released three sizzling mini couture dresses. You will definitely feel like you'd meet the man of your dream with this cool new dresses.


Shinichi brought back a small piece of tropics with this Floral Vermillion print dress. The warmth of orange, red and green tones are arranged and tells you're meant to wear mother nature. The Dress comes with sculpted ribbon belt and sleeves attachments. This is the kind of dress that you could wear at a picnic with your man. 


This Amethyst floral print dress is a violet lovers dream. I like to wear this dress because it puts me in a good mood and I get plenty of compliments. My husband likes to call me his sexy grape when I wear it XD. I feel its a perfect dress for going out to listen to live music.


The Viridan Floral print dress is one of my favorites. The simple color adjustment of this dress can change your mood. I feel a bit more free and creative its like the version I'd like to wear on a sunny autumn and have time for lemonade. :D

A separate couture gown skirt attachment is also on sale to transform these dresses into a spectacular gown. The flexi skirt comes with a beaded belt that adds a luxurious feel to the outfit.

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