Sunday, November 15, 2009

Segreto Passion

It's Sunday once again on SLT. I guess this has been my favorite day of the week that's because of JCNY Weekend's catwalk. I have been looking forward to this day to do my usual runway activity as model, since it really helped me a lot to improve more.

This day, I was about to showcase a beautiful evening dress from Miamai Fashion Creation. I was prepared and confident since it has always been what I look forward to. Unfortunately, I missed the show for overworking, lack of sleep and also due to SL issues and limits.


OMG! I still can't believe I missed it. I was eager to do the catwalk with this elegant dress but anyway, let me do the runway showcase here on my blog.


On these photos, as obviously, I am wearing a dress that projects an ultimate elegance with a blend of sex and class, the Segreto Passion evening gown by Monica Outlander of Miamai Fashion Creation is a breath-taking outfit of the night. It flows along effortlessly, revealing my sexy and natural feminine beauty.


Beauty in this sense is teased out through the details showing off my sexy front, gorgeous back and long flawless left leg. I fell inlove with this dress right away the moment it was given to me.

To increase my fashionable appeal, I wear the Leaving for Venus Art Necklace and graces my total appearance with NY@Night Diamond Earrings, NY@Night Ring, NY@Night Shard Cuff and my Calla Lily Wedding Ring, all made by JD Hansen of JCNY Collection.

I still can't believe I missed the runway show. My deepest apology to the people who have waited for me to show up, esp to JCNY Managers and to the rest of my fellow JCNY Models. It's a lesson for me as well, I should atleast take a rest before the event. And rest means get sleep [LOL.]

Outfit: Miamai Segreto Passion evening gown by Monica Outlander of Miamai Fashion Creation

Accessories:  Leaving for Venus, Hyper-Gems Fashion/Art Necklace; NY@NIGHT Collection, Diamond of earrings, ring, and shard cuff; Calla Lily, Hyper-Gems Engagement Ring - all made by JD Hansen of JCNY Collections

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Greta by Stiletto Moody

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