Sunday, November 8, 2009

JCNY Model'fest

I was humbled and filled with happiness when I found out that I had been chosen Model'fest runner up for the Month of October. Somewhere while in the middle of all of the practices, shows, and outfit coordinating I was having so much fun, the competition was very much a bonus for me. Now that I have come so close I feel reinvigorated to plan, practice, and coordinate just a bit better so that maybe next time I can turn runner up into a Model'fest winner. The opportunity, contacts, and exposure provided by this experience are all things I feel have made me a better model. This is why I feel that JCNY's Modelfest is a positive competition that any model looking to improve should join.

Up Photo:
Clothes: Lucrezia Dress by Anna Rokocoko and Christy Hamer of Divine Couture
Accessories: JCNY Collection of Jewelries by JD Hansen

JCNY Collection, Main Location:


Chalice Carling said...

Congrats on your position as runner up. That's huge when you think about the number of entries received and the stiff competition you are up against. Yay for you :-)

Aubrey Monday said...

Thank you Chalice :-)