Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swans Siren by Callie Cline

CaLLiefornia Clothings by Callie Cline is having a 99L Sale on selective gowns and 50% marked down on Special outfits. One of the marked down price is this enchanted Swan Siren.

This gown glows bright white with a fairy magic appeal. The dress comes with a pair of wings, a gemstone green eyes, glitch pants and sexy, alluring sheer fabric top. The designer also gives you the option to wear a long or short skirt and you get these all in one package.

The store sale is going on for a week. Don't miss your chance on this. They have lots of other quality items too - furs, shoes, boots, jewelries,  happy head antlers and even home furnishings.

TP to the Store

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