Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Old Days ✿

Vintage and Retro fashion is one true classic style that still looks fabulous even in any decades.  These Ella dresses and Millinery Loretta hats by Betty Doyle of Ingenue is just one of her retro inspired creations.

I like this dress because it features intricate floral print in a smooth almost silk like texture that gives an elegant night out on the town feel. This dress comes in an impressive array of colors in Midnight, Seaspray, Scarlett, and Rose.


Retro elegance with choice thrown in, whats not to like? =)
My hubby is wearing his favorite Army dazed by Nocturnal Threads.


Dress: Ella dress by Ingenue
Hats: Ingenue Millinery Loretta Hat

Other Credits:
Pink Bag: Sensual Mistery [Group Gift]
Boots: Klaxie Style [Lucky Board]
Accessories: Kunstkammer - Black Pearl Set [400L]

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