Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glitterati on HUGE SALE!

Don't miss your chance on this.. :D

Glitterati is celebrating its expansion of which a huge 100L sale on EVERYTHING is going on in the store. Oh yes, everything -- couples poses? 100L. Group poses? 100L. Props? 100L. Fatpacks are 50% or less of the SALE price too! Pose packs - 100L. That's 10L per pose! It even includes the Halloween pose sets, and new releases!

The reason for such a huge sale is that so much of their current stock will be retired and the new build is going to be sexier, more focused, and moving forward. So this is just one the Christmas package they have in store, the sale itself is already a BIG BONUS! Grab your Christmas gifts now, here's your TP.

Glitterati Poses, Store location:

Up Photo Credits:
Outfit: Toddy Jackets, mittens, boots & cocktail mini dress by Hucci

Hair: Simply Britnee by Britnee Hadlee
Antlers: Happy Heads in Snow by Callie Cline

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