Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Weekend with a Fever *¨✿

I wasn't really feeling well lately, thats maybe of the sudden change in weather here in Nagoya, where I live. But one thing is certain though, me feeling well or not, is getting into my throne [my desktop lol] and log in my second life. I am so much addicted and having fun with this pixel life XD.


So anyway, I was reading on my notecards,  checking store LMs for the weekend's event. It has been a favorite habit, the TP Here and TP There Everywhere. It's a good chance to wander too since my husband isn't online. =D

And so I did, the 50L Fridays, the 50L weekend fever, and other random sale. I got myself a new look with new pair of boots that is shown on the photo below, a new 50L hair, my new primnails which are clearly shown on the 1st photo, and a new friend.


I met a new friend from Brasil, her name is Tami Burt. She blogs too! And she random IM me and this is what she said: "Tami Burt: your avatar so cute!" She noticed. *grins* I'm wearin my short Shiki Maya Shape by Jeckie Hax. The skin is made by my friend Jun Twine [not for sale.] Weekend is almost over for me. I had a great time shopping. *smiles*

Style Tips:
Outfit: SD Icon Top (Plaid) and SD Icon Pants (Cracked) - both from SD Wears
Hair:  [OH] :::(o_x)::: Oh my Apple- G from [OH] 
Nails: 50 weekend fever from Prim Nails

Shoes: 2nd & 3rd Photo shoes - BUKKA Engineer boots
          Last Photo is Sydney Gold Edition Overknee Boot from FLF Slink
Gloves: Gloves from XTC Designs
Glasses: Halhina Glasses
Accessories: Necklace -  ::MEZZO::Square long necklace gold
                  Bag: ::MEZZO:: Lucky chair school bag
                  Earrings - Birdcage Earrings 
                  Watch - Chronokit Watch

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