Monday, November 23, 2009

New from HUCCI

This chic and sexy tank top from Hucci comes in a myriad of colors and styles. With its oh-so-teasing razor cut front and ripped bottom, one would surely take a second peek at what lies inside on this piece of gorgeous top.

The seams never seem to break from this fitting pair of fabulous denim jeans. Torn in the right places, it covers up most of one's body but still leaves room for the imagination to run wild. The entire outfit fits perfectly with my pair of sneakers from UBU PornStar.

"Does my ass look fat on this?" Also from Hucci, this figure hugging deep alluring number should be hot enough to keep any club's male patrons satisfied and keep your thirst at bay without spending a single cent! LOL. It keeps your neck warm but yet it knows which part of the female anatomy to be covered and where it should be left untouched. Fat ass? No way. Sexy ass? Definitely.


All outfits are new released from Hucci.

Outfit on first 2 Photos:
Top - ::HH:: Hucci Razor Tanks
Bottom - ::HH:: Hucci Gold Diamond Denim
Shoes: UBU PornStar
Hair: Realidad/Dulce from Simply Britnee

Outfit on 3nd Photo: ::HH:: Hucci Warm Key Dress
Hair: Esclava 2/Blonde from Simply Britnee

Poses: {flowey} poses by Flutter Memel

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