Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Chill, We Dance, We Laugh

After a long tiring day or week, you owe it to yourself to relax and have fun. And this is what Fun is. Join us at the Shiki Sim on our next music event on November 9th and 16th, wherein Shiki and the Twilight's Peace will feature Winston Ackland, one of SL's finest live musician.

Let's chill, dance and laugh our busy days away. Dancing the tune while Winston played us his great songs from country to motion picture soundtracks. He sure knows how to move us to sway.

Jura is leading us the dance steps while Jeckie did her best to make us look witchy on a pointed nose prim LOL.


Omg! It was Liam, my hubby, who had the plunger hat idea. I can't believe Shinichi wore the plunger hat too LOL.

From left to right: Zachh Cale [fantastic pianist who played us his classical favourites], Shinichi Mathy [owner and designer of Shiki Designs], Jeckie Hax [Shiki Shapes Owner], Jura Shepherd [the Metahype], yours truly, and my hubby Liam Courier.

Visit us at the Shiki Sim and join the fun!

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