Sunday, November 8, 2009

My 50L Shopping Fever ✿

It's not only a sale that would get me to shop. I would still go for a quality and a worth linden fashion. On this 50L Fever, I'm happy that I was able to chance up on some shops with great quality items.

On these photos, I wear the 50L oversized Cardigan with socks from Fishy Strawberry. It was actually an oversized clothing and since I love the brown texture, plus the socks really looked cool, I bought it. I made some adjustments on the prims to fit my slender and sexy avi. Shoes are from the Periquita Shoes - a great deal for 50L to hand out 3 pairs of really nice shoes. The classical hair is from Pocket Mirrors that comes in 3 shades [cocoa, soil, and amber] and a fashionable messenger bag from Singing Moth.

I support the anti-theft petition. STEP UP Please! That's what my pin here say. I tell you, I rather wear freebies than a stolen one.

On these photo, I wear a 50L Full Outfit from Donna Flora. The store also offer nice freebies of accessories and fashion clothes. Like the hair I'm wearing, it's a dollarbee, so is the set of necklace and earrings.

Shoes are still from Periquita. This is the other set of pair included on the 50L fever. Most of these stores I haven't really been to. Some are just small shops but surprisingly, they have really nice quality items. It's more than worth 50L spending. :-)

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