Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stiletto Moody Sky High

Stiletto Moody Skyhighs, who wouldn't love a bold leather pair of boots such as this. When I wear it, my husband Liam jokes with me and answers "Yes Mistress." He better be good or I will get my whip!


I love these boots because they express feminine dominance while at the same time being sexy. The detail in the leather makes them look a lot  better than some of the cartoony boots of this kind that I usually see. These are the boots for bold women who like to have fun. If you are her, you can get these and all other moody products for 40% off during the 2009 end year sale.  Don't miss your chance.

Stiletto Moody Skyhigh Boots
*Luck Inc* Bodysuit Black w/ Suspenders - NEW

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