Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Usagichan <3

From being an elf, I have been transformed into a cute rabbit after visiting Usagi store. Usagi is a japanese term for rabbits and the store have almost all the cute stuffs I really like say bags, shoes and wardrobes. But right now, I'm wearing a camp gift outfit and its so worth camping for it. =D


I usually do the camp while blogging or doing photoshops or watching TV in RL, but I do it only if I really like the item. And this outfit is really nice, it comes with detailed prim belt, pockets, cuffs and collar and if you are a huge fan of a rabbit, the Usagi Shop is just the store for you.


Aubrey Finds:

Rabbit Kiss Outfit - Camp Gift
Rabbit Ears and Tail - Lucky Board

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