Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank You <3

There are a lot of people I know who’d rather not talk about God, and I don’t talk about God a whole lot too. But I can’t deny how good He’s been to me and my family. Thanks to HIM for being there when I needed to talk to someone, for not growing tired of hearing out my bitterness, for holding me close and tight when others would rather not. I try to do good whenever I can, and I know that I’ve failed a whole lot of times. But it is only HIM who can search my heart and know the depth of my sincerity when even I could not. 

I’ve learned a great deal from the people who’ve come and gone in my life, as well as the people who have stayed. And I thank for them all.... for without them, I am without me. 

Merry Christmas!

I'm giving credit to my beautiful Hair Corsage, a Christmas gift to me by AtomicBambi. It's a color changing via menu and I really like it a lot! Thank you so much AtomicBambi. Also the central orbited and face aura piercings are Christmas group gifts by Haus of Darcy. Thank you so much! =D


Aydan Darcy said...

Thank you, Aubrey..for taking a moment to talk about God. Many people forget that He is the reason we celebrate Christmas <3

Bless you in the coming year :)


Aubrey Monday said...

Yes true. And thank you too for everything Darcy. Happy Holidays! <3