Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Date with Hubby <3


It's been quite a while since my hubby and I went on a date, like stroll around the grid, since we really been very busy on some other matter [me especially and I feel guilty.] But today, all we do is just hang out and probably we will shop later for my second presents. [He tries to spoil me =D.] Anyway, I sneak some photos of us in Harajuku to write something here while we are now cuddling on some swing tree. I like taking photos and I like my outfit today. This is my usual get up on SL, a simple one but its all my favorites from my Shiki clothes, my UBU shoes down to my every accessories. My hubby doesn't really like to wear much but he rocks on his simple stripes white and green polo and jeans.

 So as we enjoyed a cuddle, a nice drink together and talked the afternoon away, we found something that brought us together in the first place.


My hubby Liam wears:

Rugby Shirt by Relax
Rugby Jeans by DMC
Kicks Shoes by FKNY!
MaDesigns Hair Andy Espresso
*chronokit* watch no.26 *Majestio* male


Aubrey Wears:

SHIKI-camisole-BLUE SAKURA - Group Gift
SHIKI-PANTS-black checkered
[Plastik]-Feathers-UP-Dark Tat [underpants layer]
Eyelashes -11- Showgirl *REDGRAVE*
*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap -Relaxed ponytail -Blonde
::Slim & WILD Cigarette:: Marlmolo (hand)

CaNDy NaiL #000 Basic Nail Plum
::: B@R ::: Toy Shop Girl Belt Bag
- .HoD. - Bodiqua Mega Hoops *Silver*
- .HoD. - Charmed Polaroid 3 - Black
- .HoD. - Orbited Piercing - Deep Prism [GG]
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing

*chronokit* watch no.26 *Majestio* female
Stoned bracelet - rose quartz by Shiny Things
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

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