Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Forsaken

Before you forsaken me
Let me whisper you all the rage you had buried inside my heart
Let me silently kill you
(I will be gentle) 
Without sound of scream
I will make you drown in my shadows
Like you did to me

Before you hurt me
Let me show your soul in the mirror
Let me show the truth side of you
Let me show your twisted soul

Don’t hide your lies behind your envy eyes
I want to see the whole fortress of abyss
Don’t show any single tear
They are bittersweet
They will sink and venom my heart

Your beautiful blue eyes
Like mystery an ocean
Soon they will be crimson
Like your blood
They will be the art of your vain

Open your sanity, my princess
The fragment of your gash isn’t deep enough
The soft tears you weep
They won’t make me sinister
Your silently whisper you sing
The darkness will haunt your lullaby

Too late for showing the grief
Don’t look into my eyes
You will find nothing but emptiness and morose
Don’t try to read my core
It’s torn apart with your dirty touch
The more you look through my soul
More you will feel the fear
Don’t show any remorse for me
You showed enough to make me believe 

how you’re so twisted and bluff

When the death embraces you
I will write with your sweet blood the lament of vow on your epitaph
Your name will be never perish away
Your angels from the astral, promise me they will keep your ashes under their wings

You will forsaken me when you felt my pain you give me behind your unnoticed dangerous move
You will forsaken me when you saw for the last time night tide
You will forsaken me when you’re fallen in ensnare of devil
You will forsaken me when I whispered to your deadly heart as a farewell

[A beautiful Dark Love Poetry by Alexandra Todorovic, Serbia]

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Trin Trevellion said...

Great avatar and so adorable xD Really exiting pictures. Thanks you so much!

love, Trin

Aubrey Monday said...

Awwww thank you and your welcome =D