Thursday, December 17, 2009

The CryBaby Punk

Suddenly, I decided to have that punk look again with this Reaver White long Punkie hair by Lag Designs. You just couldn't resist this one punks =D and it is specially marked down 50% off. With the three colors available you can buy it for only 100Ls.


I am also wearing one my favorite polo navy shirt and jeans by Shiki Designs. If you have not known yet, Shiki Designs have all the nicest summer polo shirts in different patterns and styles. I so feel the summer here on Booty Bay, the Bahia's Pirate Port. I feel kinda strange though. I dont know why but I feel so lonely here like I'm gonna cry any minute now LOL.


Reaver Hair by Lag Designs [Review] 50% Off - 100Ls 
SHIKI Polo Shirt NAVY - 220Ls 
SHIKI Women Signature blue jeans - 190Ls
- .HoD. - Spite Piercing - NEW
[Buried] Old Pierced Elven Ears - Dollarbie 
Bangles by Ruru@Pino -Group Gift
(vive9) Risky Readers [abyss] EyeGlasses - Freebie
*BF* Smoldering Gears Eyes - Hunt Gift 
CaNDyNaiL #000 Basic Nail Ivy - 120Ls per 5 Color Set
Ubu PornStar LoTops Sneakers - 600Ls
Izumiya Poses - Free

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