Sunday, December 27, 2009

NEW! Japonica Dress by Ingenue

Japonica dress is one of the new releases by Ingenue. This dress is accented with a large prim satin flower on the waist. I love styling on this dress mainly because it is in its simplest form yet still very elegant and appealing to the eye.

This dress is best worn on a party or at any type of SL gathering, whether formal or casual, as this outfit can carry out any theme of an event with the right amount of accessories and styling.

Japonica dress comes in four colors: rouge, dahlia, lipstick and ebon as my photos demo and each package is consists of all top layers, knickers, skirt and a prim flower for only 250Ls. Check style tips and store TPs. =D


Credits and Style Card:

Japonica Dresses in 4 colors by Ingenue - NEW
Stiletto Moody BARE Greta [Black]
Stiletto Moody BARE Backup Bag
Camelia necklace & earrings by Donna Flora
Bice Ring by Donna Flora
ZC: indian bangles by Zaara
Liz Pale natural2 lips by Fior di Perle - NEW
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Hair by [Uw.7R]  Hinata-Hair
CaNDy NaiL #000 Basic Nail Plum
Glitterati Poses by Katey Coppola

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