Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Secret Santa

 I want to thank once again, my "Secret Santa" who gave me these  beautiful and luxurious Angel's Armor Crystal jewelry set by JCNY Collections. I don't know if you are reading on my blog, but I do appreciate all your thoughtfulness, from little to big things. I have this feeling of like a little child again who receives surprises from her Santa. And now I can't wait to meet you. =D


I guess that's the wonderful thing about this holiday season, the spirit of giving and making other people happy. I believe everyone of us can be a Santa in our own little way. In this post, I would also like to stress on the gift of "giving" and would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my friends, SL groups and family who support and believe in me no matter how unpredictable I can be sometimes. I have pulled my motivations and inspiration from you guys, without you there will be no Aubrey. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!


JCNY Jewelry Set - Gift by my Secret Santa 
[Miseria] Sugar Dress - Poinsetta 
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Silver Diamante)
03 Tan Skin -Leona- *REDGRAVE*
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Tukinowaguma Rip2 Black Hair
Glitterati Poses 

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