Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tease Me!

I found this teasing outfit yesterday from Shayriel's post and Oh My! Her nipples really caught my attention! LOL. Kidding aside, I love the playful and teasing top that I couldn't wait to have one and tease my husband Liam again. Thank you Shay!


 You can find these alluring gifts from KK Designs. Yes, they are FREE. The store is actually new to me but they really have nice teasing outfits there, and quality freebies too! Go check them out! Too bad I couldn't find the bells hunt LOL. I sucks at hunt. =P


Ooohhh lala! This Debutante Chaise by Diesel Works makes the perfect teasing poses again. It has been my favorite chaise now. Oooopps! Looks like it I'm ready. Yes I am. Oooppss! *giggles*

 Sexy Outfits: FREE Gifts from KK Designs

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