Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ugly Duck

If you're looking for something new and nice interesting skin, you should check on Ugly Duck Store. Fade Lei, the store owner, has just prepared some new tones from plain and natural down to artistic and unique make up shadings. Generally, there are 4 kinds of skin tones on which my photos below will show you, and on each of this skin tones consists of 10 different make-ups and artistic shadings.

This is the Jane Skin Tone. It is the smooth and pale version of Ugly Duck Skin. I'm wearing the natural make up on this photo. Very simple yet very appealing too.

Next is Sophie, a soft tanned skin with tan lines on the body. The skin is also kinda glowy which is really nice. I like the simple touch on this make up.


Then goes Hottie Yasmin, an olive middle eastern tone. On this photo I'm wearing the cat eyes make-up skin.


And lastly, the fourth tone is Chani. This is the darkest among the skins and on this photo, I'm wearing the henna red lips, red bindi make-up.

The Store also offer some nice skin gifts to their group members. So don't miss your chance. Try out demo HERE and join the group.

Other Credits:
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
*Linc* Tankdress Baroque by Luck Inc.

[OH]:::(o_x)::: Oh my Crow Hair
*T&A Designs* Lashes *TD*
Glitterati Poses by Katey Coppola

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