Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Snow Butterfly Queen

 The Snow Butterfly Queen is another beautiful ice and bluegreen creation by Agnes Finney. I like this dress because it seems to borrow its soul from the classic evening dress and adds a bit of flair to it with the large bow and flowing prim fabric. It is of course shaped much like a butterfly which adds symmetry to this beautiful dress.


I find myself getting that same calm feeling I get when I view a beautiful scene in nature when I look at this dress. This is a nice dress for someone who wants a different look with just the right amount of accent to avoid overkill. The dress comes in 2 colors, the bluegreen and icy snow and you can purchase each for only 880L.


Gown: Snow Butterfly Queen by My Precious Agnes Finney
Accessories: Azucena Queen Set by Alien Bear Designs
Poses: Glitterati Poses by Katey Coppola

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