Thursday, December 3, 2009

New! from Callie Cline

You really feel the spirit of Christmas when there's new stuffs out and this time, new stuffs are on SALE. You gotta hurry check on CallieFornia's new released items since it's on sale for only 99L but only for today - 24hrs ONLY. One of these items is this Furry Kick Shickers.


The Furry Kick Shickers are a stylish addition to this winter fashion season. Callie Cline, store owner, must have taken a trip to the north pole to gain inspiration for these nice boots since they are warm, water tight, and come in 3 color styles. You may have find that in a certain workshop up there. You can get yours in red and white stripes, as well as red or white.  All of these versions come with a jewel encrusted boot straps and vibrant white furs.

Next are these fluffies. They keep you warm in the cold season. Fluffies are these prim attachments on neck, arms, and legs. They come in one set for only 99L. So better hurry!

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Other Credits:
Tops: Shiki Turtle Necks by Shiki Designs
Bottom: Shiki BlueJeans by Shiki Designs

Skin: Millage Valenti Female Skin - SPA-004
Shape: Shiki Morgan Shape by Jeckie Hax
Hair: =TEKUTEKU=ponette_side

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