Saturday, April 17, 2010

KAT Designs

 Amara Ugajin, owner and designer of KAT brand is offering some sizzling fashions for those of us who aren't afraid to show off. Lets take a look. 

~KAT~ Jenna (red)

First we have Jenna, a favorite for my hubby because he keeps wanting to pull the string on the back to "open me like a wrapped gift." LOL. Wearing Jenna makes you desire bound up in perfection. I love the strappy nature of this dress and the way the dress invites my partner to release me.  

~KAT~ Tera (red)

 Next we have Tera which is perfect for rewarding your partner with a yummy treat after a long hard day. Tera is part French maid, part turned on wife. The silk fabric is deliciously smooth while the spaghetti straps and lacy fringe are the cherry on top of this sexy dessert. 

~KAT~ skirt (blue)

 Next is the KAT Denim mini skirt. The finely textured denim looks like it you just took it out of your closet. Such a versatile clothing item, it makes me wonder how women got along before it was invented. You can look go from flirty to scorching hot with just a few adjustments to your outfit. 

~KAT~ Eve (pink)

 Lastly, we have Eve, a beautifully refined look for the classy lady with a love of intricate design. A lovely pink background plays hostess to a cross patterned stick of black threads leading to a refined look that has the whispers of French design hidden in them.

So there you have it. Four amazing outfits by KAT. All of these outfits boldly celebrate what it means to be a desirable lady. Take your pick or better yet, take them all. You can't go wrong with KAT designs.

Visit KAT Goddess/105/145/101/

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