Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Is What I get from Running on a SALE.... BRUISES!


 I was out on my Saturday jog and I saw a SALE on some shoes in a store I routinely pass. I thought I would reward my commitment to healthy eating and jogging with a little fashion gift to myself. Liam wasn't even around to try to talk me out of it so I go in thinking it would be a quick pickup.
But.. but.. but.... OH. MY. GAWD.
Big mistake!


The place was full of ladies all rushing around grabbing dresses, bags, and shoes. I saw my prize on the shelf and I grabbed it. Before I could turn around to leave I got grabbed around the waist and pulled backwards.  I fell to the ground dropping my shoes and they all ran over me trying to grab the coveted footwear. After the police showed up and broke up the chaos, my bruised and battered body was among the dozens left on the floor of the battlefield of reduced price fashion.


This is so much for an easy reward... LOL!

Style Card/ Credits:
.:::GARAGE:::. Skin - Bruises - NEW
.:::GARAGE:::. "Tears with diamonds" worn on R eye
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
::Umedama Holic:: Namida Eyes
*BOOM* Hope's Tank - Grey
*BOOM* Wei Shorts (black stripe) - Grey

Poses Used:

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