Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kouse's Sanctum

 I was suppose to meet my gorgeous friend Nicole earlier at the Fab Fashion where Kouse Singh, designer of Kouse's Sanctum was featured and interviewed by the popular Oprah of SL, Angie Mornington. I'm a huge fan of this show. Anyway, I sucks coz I missed it! :( But like my friend Nicole, I also admire Kouse Singh's designs. Most of her creations are fashions heavily inspired by royal dresses. I like that in most of these designs less is more. The craftsmanship is top of the line so these dresses are perfect for role playing. On top of that, the designer is very nice and lovely! :)

[K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Royal

[Above Photo: Kouse's Sanctum Tempest Gown - Royal; 
I Love Olive Hair - Olivia; Glitterati Pose] 

[K~*~S] Lynet Mini Dress - Snow

[Above Photo: Kouse's Sanctum Lynet Mini Dress - Snow; Stiletto Moody Bare Brigitte; I Love Olive Hair - Olivia; JD Bangles and Necklace; Everglow Pose]

[K~*~S] Ryel - Gown - Aqua

[Above Photo: Kouse's Sanctum Ryel Gown - Aqua; 
I Love Olive Hair - Olivia; Glitterati Pose]

[K~*~S] Seraph - Amethyst

 [Above Photo: Kouse's Sanctum Seraph - Amethyst; 
I Love Olive Hair - Olivia; JD Long Nails; Glitterati Pose]

[K~*~S] Monarch - Sapphire

 [Above Photo: Kouse's Sanctum Monarch - Sapphire; 
I Love Olive Hair  - Olivia; JD Necklace; Amacci Pose]

[K~*~S] Contanze - Gown - Midnight

 [Above Photo: Kouse's Sanctum Contanze Gown - Midnight; 
I Love Olive Hair - Olivia; JD Bangles and Necklace]

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