Monday, April 19, 2010

NEW! Sexy Jumpers by Bebe Doll

NEW! Bebe Doll - Tempi Jumpers

Check out these newly released sexy jumpers named "Tempi" by Bebe Doll. They come in many clothing layers giving you a lot of options and styles to wear them. There are 2 undershirts inclusive in this set, one is white and the other is a match color to the outfit.

NEW! Bebe Doll - Tempi Jumpers

I like the pink in camo pattern with no undershirt XD. These new Tempi jumpers are available in many solid and patterned colors.

NEW! Bebe Doll - Tempi Jumpers

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I Wear:
*BD* Tempi Jumpers [Solid & Pattern] - ALL NEW
Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (ColorSet)
TIKTOK Magic accessory set/silver & black
Rama Bangles 

Poses Used:

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