Friday, April 23, 2010

NEW! Elements Striking Fashion by Glam Affair

Aida Ewing, owner and designer of Glam Affair has just released a number of unique and futuristic outfits! There are 7 new Element sets. All these are Bold, Daring with a Lady Gaga looks and feel. Take a look at these Striking Fashion pieces.

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - URIA Suit

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - URIA Suit, comes in all clothing layers with a collar and a Butterfly studded pads.]

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - JUKA Dress

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - JUKA Dress - Comes in all clothing layer with a ruffled attachment on both legs.]

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - CAMILE Minidress

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - CAMILE Mini Dress - A sexy mini dress with a sequin glitter style on the bodice.]

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - JOLE Body

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - JOLE Body - A corset style outfit with a collar and body corset prim attachment.]

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] -MINDY Dress

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - MINDY Dress - A cute ballet dress in unique and gothic style.]

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - ILENYA Dress

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - ILENYA Dress - A sexy elegant dress with a neck plunging top and padded shoulders.]

-Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - LAURE Dress

[Above Photo: -Glam Affair- [ELEMENT] - LAURE Dress - One of my fave with a corset top and a ripped pants. ]

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On Body:
-Glam Affair- Sofia Tan skin - make up 6
Amacci Eyelashes "Belle" Black
Shapes by Jeckie Hax
::Page 3:: Pretty Nails with Rings - NEW
Stiletto Moody Bare Mae (ColorSet) v1.24 (sml)
Poses Used:


Chalice Carling said...

Beautifully photographed. I really love your style.

Aubrey Monday said...

thank you :)