Friday, April 23, 2010

NEW! Men's Fashion at Phoenix Rising

 Phoenix Rising - Risk

Phoenix Rising has a wardrobe sized offering for men, giving them a full range of styles to look good in this spring. The textures of these new designs are crisp and most come with prim collars and sleeve cuffs. Have a look at my partner Liam on the photos :D

Phoenix Rising - Risk

Above photos are pictures of Liam wearing the new Risk outfit. This style seems a bit old timey and sophisticated with its sleek vest and pocket watch. Pants in formal slacks is a good pair for this outfit.

Phoenix Rising - Push

Above photos is Liam wearing the new Push dress shirt. Made him look like a man who is happy to be home from work, thanks to the top button being loosened and the tie that has been triumphantly undone. My husband says that if he has to wear a tie, he prefers it this way because the traditional way seems too much like a noose.

Phoenix Jeans for men

And here is a set of Ion jeans ranging in color from dark to light each with a special kind of wear popular in jeans strait off the shelf. I love how these new styles looks at my partner, perhaps you could bring your man at Phoenix Rising for some class and men's fashion style.

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