Thursday, April 15, 2010

[M2M] New Releases & ASpecial Sale

Yumi Chiuh, designer and owner of Minutes to Midnight [M2M] has with new releases for Skin, Clothes, and the most recently new poses! She also offered a special reduced price on each one of these new releases. Take a look at these special offers.

[M2M]..::Cowboy*Plaid Shirt & Ripped Mini Skirt::..

Cowboy plaid shirts with ripped mini skirts are the latest of her clothing designs. Available in all clothing layers with prim attachments on collars, arm cuffs and the skirt. Each of these outfits is sold for only L$150. They come in 6 colors of which pink is available for a special reduced price of only L$50.

[M2M]..::Cowboy*Plaid Shirt & Ripped Mini Skirt::..

Below are Flufly Lacery skirts in 2 colors. Black is sold for only L$50 and white is on Special Sale for only L$10. These are detailed sculpty skirts with leggings.

[M2M]..::Flufly Lacery Skirt::.. Black & White

There is also a new skin line named Carmin. Available in 5 skin tones for L$300 each. The middle tone is reduced to a special price of only L$100. You can try free demo on these skins.

[M2M]..::Carmin Skin::.. L$300 Each [Medium is reduced to L$100]

M2M also offers singles, couple and group poses. You can find the poses in the 25L-80L range. There are a few cute ones for singles like the balloon pose. Have a look.

M2M Poses [Solo] Holding a Balloon
[Above Photo: Balloon Solo Pose is on sale for only L$25.
Limited Sale in a week time.]

M2M Poses [Yeah Solo Pose]
[Above Photo: Yeah - Solo Pose]

M2M Poses [Couple]
[Above Photo: Hey Dude - Double Pose]

M2M Poses [Couple]
[Above Photo: Hanging Out - Double Pose]

M2M Poses [Couple]
[Above Photo: Hey Babe - Couple Pose]

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